Beyond Innocence Foundation (BIF) was founded in 2013 by Martha Mghendi in  response to the need  of a safe house due to a growing number of child abuse cases in Taita. The lack of such a facility in Taita, meant that the abuse continued for too long since minors had no place to run to. Even though we BIF can not remove the permanent scars from abuse, BIF hopes to help heal the wounds that we can not see.

BIF is a Non-Govermental Organization that will provide a safe house, a home and rescue center for abused minors. The construction of the safe house is currently underway with ground work already started in 2013.

The home is the only facility in Taita Taveta County so far,  that will offer shelter for sexually, emotionally & physically abused minors, including those running away from early or forced marriages. Our main aim is to offer a safe haven for children and also provide counseling to help them get through the abuse trauma while at the same time giving them an opportunity to continue with their education and hence giving them hope for the normal and bright future they deserve.