Lending A Healing Hand

Posted on: May 11th, 2014 by Beyond Innocence Foundation No Comments

We go on with our daily lives as if nothing is happening. We ignore the cries of the innocent;we turn a blind eye to the pleas in their innocent eyes; we turn and look away when they stare into our eyes hoping that we would see through their eyes and see the pain they are going through. They long for our love, they long for our hugs, they long for our understanding, they long for our empathy and compassion. But most of the time we are so caught up in our daily lives, we move through live in motions, choosing to see only what we want to see; building a wall to hide away the pain rather than face reality. In the meantime, these innocence souls keep suffering, they slowly die inside; their lives totally broken;if only we could stop for a minute, look into their innocence eyes and hold their hands; tell them we may never understand the pain, but we will do our very best to hold their hands during the healing process. If only we could stop for just one minute…

The world we live in has become so unsafe for our children. We could ask ourselves where we failed as human beings, what went wrong. How are we letting these horrible things happen to our children, why are we hurting our children? How can we stop this madness? Every day hundreds of thousands of children and abused or defiled around the world (physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, psychologically..) around the world. The cases are on an alarming rise, many of which are carried out by the very individuals who are supposed to take care of these kids, or within the families, or by the friend or neighbour we trust, or the person next door. It is happening everywhere around us.  What can we do to make this place a safer place for our children? What are you doing in your house to ensure the safety of your children? What are you doing in your estate or neighbourhood or school or village or city or country? What are you doing to give that small sense of security to these innocent souls? If the answer is: Nothing, then you need to stop and think again.

The safety of our children is in our hands. We owe it to the children to ensure their safety. We owe it to the children to ensure that they can enjoy their childhood without fear. We owe it to the children to listen to them when they report cases of any sort of abuse. We owe it to the children to always be on the look out for any signs of abuse. We owe it to our children to ensure that the people we bring in our house will not in any way harm our children. We owe it to the children to educate the whole society and urgency of abuse.  It’s both our responsibility to create this safe environment; to look out for the children; to be their protectors and to fight with them this inhumane act of abuse.

Sadly, in many cases we the protectors fail to see the signs, or fail to listen enough. By the time we listen and see, the damage is already done. We may not be able to always be there for our children and by our children I mean every child. We may not be able to spot the signs of abuse, we may not be able to stop it on time, we may not be able to protect them 24/7. Infact we will never be able to heal the wounds inflicted on these innocent souls, we can not understand the pain they feel, but we CAN hold their hands during the healing process. We can provide that solace, that hug, that love that will help them in the healing journey. This is something that we can all do.

The fight against child abuse is a ongoing heart breaking fight. Don’t just sit back, do something. Be part of the healing process. Hold their hands as they go through this painful phase of healing- Lend A Healing Hand!

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