What is BIF? Who is BIF? Why BIF?

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Time and time again I get people asking me what BIF is all about, and who is BIF and why the name BIF. Well, it’s hard to describe our mission statement in a nutshell really. In a nutshell:

What is BIF?- BIF is means Beyond Innocence Foundation. A registered NGO who main objective is to build a Rescue Center/ Safe House that will offer temporary shelter to children going through abuse (sexually, emotionally, psychologically and physically). The home will be located in Landi, Taita Taveta County.

Who is BIF? -BIF is a Community of passionate individuals who share one common interest at heart: children’s safety and well being. These individuals include Board Members from BIF Netherlands, Board Members from BIF Kenya, Donors, well wishers, local government, local authorities, children departments, local leaders and everyone fighting for the rights of the children of Taita.

Why the name BIF?-Before finally settling for this name, I tried different names, but most of them sounded more like Orphanages instead of a Rescue Center. I was looking for something that represented both the Organisation and could also carry a message for the children we were aiming to help. When we look at minors or children, we simply seen their innocence and their pureness. We don’t look beyond the face. Many are times, the signs of abuse are written all over their faces, but we fail to recognise them, causing us to take action when it’s too late. For the children going through any kind of abuse, their eyes carry a message from their hearts trying to reach out asking for help from us.What BIF is requesting each and everyone to do is to look beyond. Look Beyond their pureness. Look beyond their eyes. Look into their hearts. Look Beyond their innocence and into their hearts and try to see if there is any sign of the children suffering. If we start looking Beyond, we will be able to spot signs of abuse much sooner, and by so doing, reach out and help these innocent souls. We may never be able to erase the pain, but we can help with the healing process.

What is so different about BIF?- We strive to be different. Our passion for well being of the children drives each and every one of us. All the Board Members from Netherlands and Kenya serve on the Board on a purely voluntary basis. NO Board member is compensated for providing their services to BIF. In fact, most of the activities have been funded by individual board members with help from donations from friends in The Netherlands. This ensures that all the monies donated will 100% go into the actual construction of the Safe House instead of covering other costs. BIF is also not owned by one individual, the project is owned by a whole community, meaning the community as a whole is accountable and transparent about the activities of BIF.

Why should you join the BIF Community?-If you are passionate about providing a safe place for our future generation;if you have the passion to help these minors going through so much with their healing journey; if you are a strong believer and advocate for children’s rights; if you want to help put perpetrators behind bars and if you are a human being who cares for others, then you should join the BIF Community.

What can you do to help BIF?- You can help by donating building materials, money to be used to purchase building materials, labour (actual construction), bedding, beds,furniture, borehole sinking services, books and many other things. You can also simply help by spreading the word and letting your friends and family know about BIF. By spreading the word, you help in creating awareness of BIF.

BIF has a transparent policy. Please feel free to ask for more information any time. Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date with activities as they happen on the ground.

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