A Spring To Save Children

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Landi is located in the Taita-Taveta County in the Coastal Province in Kenya between the towns of Mwatate, the capital of the province, and Voi. It lies approximately 200 km north-west of Mombasa and 360 km south-east of Nairobi. The population of the county 30 years ago was only 45,000, but this has shot up to well over 250,000 persons today. This rapid growth, and recent and severe droughts have severely reduced the availability of clean water for the population in this region, making them reliant on (by local standard) expensive water supply from central wells far away from the community.

For many residents in Landi, and Taita County in general, access to clean water continues to be a real struggle and nightmare. Many residents have no access to clean tap water and are forced to purchase water at ridiculous prices. This is also heavily contributed by the fact that Taita is a semi-arid (almost arid) area.

Due to acute water shortage in this region, BIF has been forced to buy water that is needed for construction. This highly increases the costs associated with construction of the Home. Secondly, the local residents are normally caught up between a choice of purchasing clean water or buying food.

With the help of  International Rotary Clubs, BIF will be constructing a water well that will not only supply water to the community, but will also provide water to the Home, therefore reducing the costs for buying water and contributing to making the home self sustainable by ensuring that no future costs will be incurred to purchase water.

Beyond Innocence Foundation would like to thank the following Rotary Clubs for making this possible:

Rotary Club Utrecht International– Main International Sponsor

Rotary Club Voi– Local Sponsor Club

Rotary Club Berlin International

Rotary Club Stuttgart International

Rotary eClub Berlin Global

Rotary Club Luton Someries

Rotary Club Sopot

Rotary Club Eindhoven International

District Designated Funds from the Districts mentioned below:

Rotary District  1570

Rotary District  1940

Rotary District  1260

Rotary District 1830

With the help of the above mentioned Rotary Clubs, BIF will help the community and also save both construction costs and future costs. To keep up with updates on the Water well construction, please follow us on Twitter on our Facebook Page.

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