BIF’s most important aim is to provide a safe haven for abused kids,  and work hand in hand with authorities and Children’s department, to identify perpetrators to ensure that law is followed in handling of such case.
BIF is an independent organization, but partners with governmental bodies,local authorities and other organizations with similar objectives.

Services or Help offered at BIF include:
Shelter (Home)

Medical care

Psychosocial and spiritual support

Child Therapy Groups

Behavior Management Consultation

24-Hour Crisis Hotline

Community Based Services including a Dispensary


Education through sponsorship for elementary, middle, high school, and college. In future, BIF aims to build a self sufficient educational center with a fully operational elementary and middle school.

Extra curriculum activities will also be provided at the center to engage and encourage kids to explore their creativity and participation in sports and any activity that will aid in their self development as individuals.