Our aim is to have the home ready, up and running by January 2015. The ground for the home has already been secured by donation from the founder Martha Mghendi. Survey, planning and budget planning is already underway. BIF needs your help to meet this open date. Here are ways you can get involved:

  1. Donation of building materials (e.g cement, stones, metal, roofing etc). We highly encourage people to donate building material by purchasing the materials themselves directly and also arranging for delivery of the materials to the location of the home.
  2. Donation of household equipments (e.g beddings, beds, mattresses, kitchen utensils, plates, etc). We also encourage people to donate the physical household equipments and have them delivered to the home.
  3. Donation of school materials (e.g writing books, reading books, drawing books,pencils, toys etc).
  4. Cash donation. Those  people who are not able to   buy and physically deliver  materials, can make cash donations instead. Donors are encouraged to clearly state what and how they would like their donation to be used for.
  5. Time and Services. We highly appreciate and are calling out for people to give their time to help around the home. We are also calling out for medics, counselors and people who have worked with children before to give their time to provide free services to the kids at the home.
  6. Spread the word. Let your friends, colleagues, family, business partners, clients, neighbours and everybody know about BIF. Spread the word!