Martha Mghendi- Founder BIF

Martha Mghendi- Founder BIF

Children are the future of tomorrow. Every child has a right to be a child. Every child has a right to feel safe under her/ his caretakers care. Every child has a right to be treated right and respected first as a child and secondly as an individual. Every child has a right to enjoy their childhood. Every child has a right to pursue their dreams. Every child has a right to a dream. Every child has a right of not feeling intimidated or pressured into forced marriages.

Every child has a right to be loved and feel loved. Every child has a right of never going through emotional, sexual or physical abuse. Every child has a right to report cases of abuse. Every child has a right of having someone listen and to have belief in them. Every child deserves help with reporting cases of abuse. Every child has a right to have laws that govern and protect her/ him as a child. Every child has a right of just being!

Our society is trained and controlled by shame and guilt. Shame of acknowledging and condoning abuse especially if it happens within families. Shame of facing up, owning up and helping to stop this cruel monster that robs the innocence of these helpless souls. Shame of talking about it. Shame of reporting it. Shame or fighting to get abusers behind bars. We have chosen to hide behind our walls and pretend nothing is happening, while we scar our girls and boys forever. We have fear, shame and guilt instilled so deep inside us that we can not even imagine ever telling the world that this needs to stop.

Our kids look up to us grown ups. Our kids believe in us. Our kids have faith and totally depend on us; their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, caretakers and society as a whole. Our kids trusts us fully with their innocence. Many times we let them down. We don’t believe them when they open up to us to report abuse cases. We hold family image too high at the cost of the innocence of our kids going through abuse. We would rather hold the family together by not ”shaming” the family than help our kids. In so doing, we rob them off their innocence, we create permanent scars, we glorify the abusers, and we deny them the very basic need of feeling safe under our society. If we do not help our kids, we do not deserve to show face, we do not deserve the respect, hope and love that these kids show and give us as a society.

It’s our hope that we will all take up the responsibility of providing a safe haven for our kids; giving back the love and respect they have shown and given us; restoring the faith they have or had in us as a society; helping them heal the scars; assuring them again that we will always be there and we will always do the best in our power to protect and make them feel safe. If in trouble we will always offer a shoulder to lean on and a place to call home. It’s our hope that we, as a society will give the children the right they very much deserve of being kids.

It’s our hope that we can all look beyond those innocent faces and see the pain, hurt, anger, fear,shame and sadness that our kids carry so heavily within their little souls and hearts. Only then can  we understand how painful it is and hopefully join hands to restore the faith in humanity  for the sake of our kids.